Milano Cosmetics is currently booming. We are selecting distributors to help us position our brand in top salons. Our products are manufactured in Italy according to the highest quality standards.

I am interested in becoming an Authorized Milano Cosmetics Distributor in my region, how can I become a distributor?

Tell us about your company by filling out the form in the next section of this page.

We primarily consider companies that are present in the beauty industry and market other brands in the country/region of interest. We evaluate the following factors:
  • Experience and knowledge of the sector
  • Financial strength
  • Existing and leveled client portfolio
  • Commercial structure
  • A sales and distribution network
  • Market coverage
  • Experience in the sale of beauty products.
  • Commercial focus on sales
  • Sound management
  • Enthusiasm to develop our brand presence.
  • Market knowledge
  • Professional organization with experience in international trade (import, customs clearance, etc.).

The minimum order and targets depend on the distribution region you wish to cover. We will set this quantity together according to the inhabitants of the desired area. A Distributor must have a good supply of products to ensure a minimum supply to its customers.

Yes. Reciprocally, we are still counting on the release of the area, not on sanctions. We will decide this amount together..

Payment can be made by bank transfer, international confirmation or letter of credit. Prices are ex-works.

The duration of the agreement is usually one year, unless both parties agree on an extension. We are interested in establishing a mutually successful long-term relationship.

At a minimum, the following is suggested and expected:

  • A network of sub-distributors
  • Sales representatives
  • Online sales

Each Distributor has:

  • Artwork to advertise on various social networks and websites.
  • Online store archive.
  • We have a distributor support department to clarify all kinds of doubts.
  • Technical training on product and sales issues.

Absolutely. It is essential to check the quality of our products. To do so, you will need an account on our site. Once you have your account, you can order as many products as you want to test.

Yes, we conduct courses on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, we cannot grant an exclusive area without having a minimum structure to be able to serve customers.


Marketing and brand promotion

Provide excellent and professional after-sales service.

Market research

Compliance with local regulations

Manage a sales network

Healthy margins are an important element of growth for everyone involved in distribution. We work with open quotation to determine together the price for your market. We are happy to provide you with the price list, let us know to which email address.



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